Our Coffee

What is coffee?
The coffee bean is actually the seed of a cherry-like fruit. The seeds or beans of the fruit are fermented, much as grapes are fermented when making wine, and coffee acquires unique taste characteristics from its local geography and climate, but the end result is very different.

Arabica and Robusta: What’s the difference?
Arabica and Robusta beans are the most well known species of coffee grown commercially for consumption.

Robustas are hearty plants that are grown at lower elevations. They have a much higher caffeine content and are used mainly for commercial grade coffee that you’ll find in grocery and convenience stores. (You know, the stuff in the jar.)

Arabicas are grown at higher altitudes (usually 3000 feet and higher) with a much wider range of taste and are considered to be much better in quality. Most specialty coffee shops use either exclusively Arabica beans or a mix of both in some espresso blends.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is roasted fresh every week by local roaster Villino Specialty Coffee. Our unique espresso blend is carefully roasted on state-of-the-art Probat roasters, employing computer profiling technology for quality and consistency.

Our blend consists of Central American, South American and African coffees. It is rich, sweet and full bodied, with a bold chocolate character, syrupy fruitiness and floral notes to finish. It is designed to be extremely versatile and has the intensity to cut through milk but also the cleanliness to stand alone as a black coffee. Each origin is individually roasted to elicit its unique flavour characteristics and then blended to complement and enhance the overall flavour.